Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Lanyard Man

Walking en masse
In and around the
Corporate campus

Nearly indistinguishable
One from another

Plain, monochromatic
In appearance, with
A gait that suggested
Personalities to match

Each morning
Dressing, then
Out of their home
For the bus ride
To work

The last
Adornment before
Departure was the
Ritual draping of
A workplace name badge
And lanyard around the neck

He was Lanyard Man

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Long Shadows

The last strong light
Of a perfect summer day

The edge off the midday heat
And a bit of soothing crisp
In the air

There is a softness to
The light

And a definition to
The landscape made clear
By the long shadows
Of the setting sun

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Every journey if the destination
Is a remote corner of our world
Or the hidden recesses of our soul

Begins with a single step
These steps comprise a staircase
And a metaphor for that journey

Each step an affirmation
Of our commitment to
Honor our journey through life
And bring to it joy, integrity
And an abundance of love

As you ascend these stairs
Step carefully with
A clear head and full heart

Sunday, February 7, 2010


It was a few words
A sentence
Uttered on
The playground
Long ago at
Some early age

It stuck and
Rolled around
And around
From that
Awkward time
When your nose
Was too big
For your face

And continued
With less frequency
As somehow
Your face grew
And your nose
Rolling around
And around
In your brain
Covering itself
With layers
Of protection
From slights
Real and perceived

Until it was like
A pearl
That sentence
Like a grain of sand
That got inside
And grew to
Become a part
Of who you are

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I carry it in my
Pants pocket

It is like a well
Worn worry stone

A talisman
A connection
That nurtures
With its touch
Providing a sense
Of safety, security
And comfort

Each day it finds
Its way to that
Right front pocket
To go again
With me into the

My Dad’s
Pocket knife


Made both for
The academy and
For the world

Hewn by the
Wisdom and
Power of language

His lectures
Stirred the ramparts;
His students moving
On to make a difference

The impact
He had on them
And his broader
Community continues
Long remembered

With quavering voice
He said he was touched
By the impact a small town
English teacher can have –
Sending forth a student
Grounded in the classics

Unknowingly he spoke
Of himself
Of the majestic reach
Of a man and a teacher
Who has mattered

The occasion was
The unveiling of
A celebratory portrait
At his school

In it you could see that
Twinkle in his eye and
A mischievous brightness
That lights up our world


He was dying
Ravaged by an
Aggressive cancer
In his brain

When his uncle,
My father, died
Some three years
Ago he asked if he
Could have a small
Tool from his shop

A talisman of
The man he so
Admired who had
Taken him under
His wing when
His own father
Died suddenly when
He was a boy of ten

Along with Sunday supper
And a framed photo
Of him with my Dad
I brought a well used
Screwdriver with a handle
Covered in blue paint

Is this mine to keep?
He said, holding it in
The hand that still worked

I’ll treasure this and
Put it with the my special things
He said from his bed

It lay next to him
For those few more days
Until he too died
And joined the fellow
Craftsman he so loved.